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About Christine

​When I was a young girl I used to look at the handbags in my mother's closet, I was in admiration when she went out with matching handbag and shoes, I would peek from behind the door while she prepared herself to leave.  

​​My affair with handbags started early.

A lifetime later and I have designed handbags on 3 continents, from the high-street fashion stores of Vienna and London to the exotics of Africa. 
I have always believed in an ethos of quality, beauty, balance elegance and sustainability.

I studied fashion design, handbag design, earned my handbag Mastercraftsman designation, and after years in the industry, decided I needed the freedom to do what I want to do.  For the last 10 years I have been making handbags.
I see beautiful handbags as art, oversized jewellery, objects of desire.

It was the smell of leather, the touch and the texture that first led me down this road.  Africa taught me to love sunsets. Years of working with high-end exotics in South Africa grew my appreciation and eventually my passion for the most unique and versatile exotic leather of them all, ostrich.

I believe in  the longevity of a product, the design and the materials, it should last a lifetime. Add to this ethically sourced raw materials handcrafted with a labour of love. 

All of my handbags are designed, developed and handmade to order in my Toronto studio. Pick one up, touch it, look inside, compare it, you too will realize it's for you to love and treasure.

Christine Vonbun
designer, owner, manufacturer - lover of ostrich leather

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